This is a piece of curly ash. As I discovered when buffing the pipe, the cambrium in each growth ring is softer than the surrounding wood. Buffing not only impregnated the cambrium with tripoli, it actually removed enough wood that I can feel the grain. The ash has some nice figure and I may try another one, but finish it with walnut oil and skip the buffing. The pipe has a 3/4" diameter tobacco chamber, 1 5/8" deep. The bowl is 2" tall, with 7/16" thick walls tapering to an 1/8" rim. Length is 6". This is the only TCFuller curly ash pipe IN THE WORLD , so I have no idea as to the smoking performance of ash. Included with the pipe is a curly ash tamper. Grade: curly ash
Weight: 1 5/8 oz
Price: SOLD
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