BB15   Date Added: 8/3/04

  This big beauty is made from apple. It is unstained, merely buffed, waxed, and polished. The dark 'smudges' are mineral stains in the wood. The one inch diameter tobacco chamber is 2" deep. The bowl is 2 3/8" tall, with 7/16" thick walls tapering to 1/8" at the rim. Length is 6". The inside of the bowl is a little rough, even after sanding; the grain didn't like the bit,or vice versa. Not a biggee, but I thought I'd mention it. Reports coming in from an applewood pipe I have being tested indicate that apple makes a fine -smoking pipe. Included with the pipe is an apple tamper.
Grade: Bargain Bin
Weight: 2 3/8 oz
Price: SOLD
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