To those of you who have visited before, this is a revision of the page originally titled "Essential Info." I'm using the same 'system' I started with. Though grading is subjective, I'm satisfied that I've been able stay within my guidelines over the past four years.

All the pipes are stamped with 'TCFuller', 'handmade', 'USA', the year, and the grade. The pipes I made in the winter of 2002-'03 have no date stamp. Grade stamps are 'Select', '1','2', and '3'.

Grade is based on grain and the quality of the briar. I'm fussy. If in doubt, I downgrade.   Select
Three hundred and sixty degree straight grain . Flawless.

  Grade 1
These pipes will have a preponderance of straight grain. Flaws in the briar, if any, will be perceptible only under strong light with my reading glasses, which I wear while making pipes. (All my pipes look like selects with them off.)

  Grade 2
These pipes may have small, unobtrusive sandspots, tiny sandpits, miniscule sand lines. Straight grain on at least two sides of bowl.

  Grade 3
This is for everything else: a few more flaws and/or less straight grain than a grade two. Rusticants.

I get very few Selects and Grade Ones, and approximately two grade threes for every grade two. Back when I was keeping track, I was culling about a third of the blocks.

The pipes in other woods are not graded.

Smoke holes are 5/32" in diameter. Stems are lucite unless otherwise noted.

Price is based on grade and shape. Some shapes are bigger time bandits than others.

Payment for pipes is currently accepted via Paypal, check, or money order.
TCFuller Pipes has a money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with a pipe, send an email within a week of receipt and send it back undamaged and unsmoked via USPS Priority Mail Insured and I will refund your money. You pay return shipping/insurance.