Customer Comments updated 5/4/07

I have had several requests from customers that I institute a page for customer comments. These comments are anonymous unless I have permission to use the customer's name.

5/3/07  You must know that your pipes and your craftsmanship are exceptional! I am proud to own a freehand Grade 1. The pipe smokes as well as it looks (and that is saying something since the look of the pipe nearly exceeds anything on the market that I have seen).
3/14/07   Funny, as I look at it there are things I would change on a second attempt, but, for a first attempt, I think it is perfect. Particularly, I think from my imagination to your work was perfect. You gave me exactly what I wanted. When I first thought the pipe up, I was sitting on the deck (this is sort of like your story about how you got started making pipes) looking up at a quarter moon. I thought, gee that would be a cool shape for a pipe. At the time, I was doing some reading on native American topics and thinking about "peace pipes." So, I envisioned a "peace pipe" dimensioned quarter moon, with bamboo, and lots of it. That is exactly what I got. I'm on my third bowl and it smoked grandly. Has a great draw. If I put my thumb over the bowl, I can suck it down into the bowl--that's draw power. Smoke is very cool at the bit end, too. So, am I happy? YOU BET YOUR LIFE!! Thanks much.

3/7/07   Once more, I am thrilled by your engineering and artistry. As you know, previous pipes that I have purchased from you have been more traditional shapes (with your unique take). This new freehand is unbelievable! It takes true talent to 'understand' and allow a block of quality briar to dictate its best potential. I cannot detect a place where the shape of this pipe could have been carved better than it is. And it smokes incredibly well--better than pipes double its price. Thank you for the fine work and your friendship.
3/5/07   The pipe and holder arrived today. Wow, Tim, I am totally impressed! The pipe is wonderful and the holder is equally so. I am going to be adding that pipe to my rotation! :-) You know, I know that style is called a pickaxe usually but you know what it reminds me of a whole lot more? One of the horns that the Vikings drank out of. It just dawned on me today. And yes, the variations in the grain in the briar holder are fascinating. Thank you for that fine gift. I wish I had a nice easy chair now where I could sit and enjoy everything. One of these days....
2/28/07   Received custom pipe based on Asian design. Very satisfied. Will order more in time.
8/13/06   I loaded up and put fire to my pipe today. It smoked like a champ. Sweet, cool and dry. That thick briar barely got warm, it didn't require a pipe cleaner at all right down to the bottom. The draw was free due to your nice size draft hole, which reminds me of my favorite Cavicchi's BTW. Nothing but dry ash was left when I finished, which is nice because the bottom was dry and will form cake nicely. Bravo!
6/30/06  I smoked the pipe for the first time yesterday. It is exceptional. You do wonderful work. There was a moment of sunshine yesterday and your pipe, loaded with Mac Baren's HH Vintage Syrian, accompanied me and my son on a pleasant stroll in the woods. I can tell it will provide many years of enjoyment. I certainly will keep looking at your website for another acquisition.
4/13/06  I just recieved the pipe. WOW! What a great looking pipe! Those pics didn't do it any justice. I am almost afraid to light something this fine up!

4/15/06  I've tried your pipe and it does smoke great! For the first bowl out of a new pipe it was wonderful! I am very pleased to have met another fine American Craftsman!


Oh, by the way, your pipes smoke just as good as the Dunhills, Ashtons, and Ascortis. I have over 4 dozen pipes in my collection and you rate right up there with the best. The reason I bought from you to start with was that I wanted an American pipe made in the USA in my collection, and your pricing was very good. And I just loved the way they looked. Now I also love the way they feel and smoke.


WOW!!!!!! I received the pipe today. The pipe is so beautiful. I cannot stop looking at it. Also, thank you so much for your super fast service. I didn't think I would have the pipe so fast. You have made a new friend Tim and you won't believe it, I'm already thinking of ordering another pipe from you. :)))


Recently while buying a pipe from another collector, he suggested I take a look at the website of Mr. Tim Fuller a rising new talent in the American pipe making community. I was interested in the selections Mr. Fuller had listed there. I selected one of his pipes and while discussing the particulars of the purchase via e-mail I happened to mention the type of pipes I liked to smoke (large Danish type freehands)and why I had chosen a somewhat different model from him. Because my wife has allergies I cannot smoke often and keep very few pipes in my collection. I am therefore very particular about what I want. I wanted something small and light that could be easily smoked on the go. Much to my suprise he sent me a link to to a beautiful small light (Danish type)freehand. I had to have it. When it arrived I was floored by what a little beauty it was. Turns out it smoked equally beautifully. A happy happy man am I.


I hope all is well with you. I wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I am with the big lovat! I first smoked it on Feb. 6th and it was textbook perfect! The taste of the briar greatly enhances the flavor of the smoke (I much prefer the taste of briar over the taste of bowl coating!) The draw is perfect so taking smokey "sips" are effortless. The shank length and thick bowl walls provide a very dry and cool smoke every single time. It feels so good in my hand...AND...the balance is so good that clenching it in my teeth feels like the pipe weighs 1 gram.


Oh my gosh, Tim. This pipe is at least TEN TIMES more beautiful in person than it was in the pictures. I am stunned. WOW!


The Lov-Dub (05-66) just arrived. Thank you so much for making these directly available at such reasonable prices Tim! This is my third TC Fuller hand carved....and I am still just as blown away as the first. Wow...and I mean WOW. First of all this (and all of Tim's pipes) is simply world class; a perfect birds-eye rim, tight verticle grain, and a draw like silk. Tim really does an oustanding job of carving these beauties; each one an heirloom. I can't wait to see what comes up next. Once these pipes get a little more exposure, I don't think you will be able to get them for twice the price! You can collect them, you can smoke them, or both! No more nasty stinky burned-out estate pipes for me! I just hope I can get the TC Fuller pipes I have my eye on before the rest of the world catches on! Really Tim, absolutely outstanding!


The pipes just arrived. All I can say is WOW! That extended Dublin is AWESOME!! The Lovat/Axe is pretty darn great as well. I can't tell wich one I want to try first, but I do one thing...that extended Dublin and I are going to be friends for a real long time!! The size/scale of both these pipes is just perfect as wel. I don't know why but, I was expecting something smaller in both cases. What a treat. You might call 'em grade 3's (and I'm thankful you did) but, they are Selects to me!

12/8/06 This is, as you know, the second pipe that I have purchased from you. It is a superb piece of art. You have an incredible understanding of balance, of design. The photographs on your website do not do the work justice. The Cumberland stem and the grain of the briar is simply spectacular (and this from a grade three--your 'lowest' end). The shape of the pipe is also unique and has found a happy place in my collection. And, of course, the pipe smokes fantastically. There will no doubt be more 'T C Fuller' pipes added to my collection in the future.

I just got your pipe today and itÕs FABULOUS. Thank you!! I decided to see your web site again and look through all your pipes and I see some classic designs which I love then some totally outrageous ones and I just think itÕs fantastic what youÕre doing. Keep it up.


Recieved the pipe yesterday. That has to be the fastest I've ever recieved something I purchased over the internet! The pipe is awesome!....This just might be the best pipe for the money I've purchased! I will be buying more TCFuller pipes.


I recieved the two pipes a little over a week ago and since then have experienced nothing but amazement. They have both smoked superbly even from the first bowl; I can't wait to see what they are like fully broken in! The craftsmanship is amazing, it's hard to decide what's more pleasing, the way they smoke or the way they look. You've made me the envy of my pipe smoking friends. -Joshua Steelman


I am speechless on the pipe that arrived today! What a beauty.... fh73 -Richard Durham


Let me say I was speechless. Each pipe was a work of art! And when I fired up my first pipe the draw was like silk. The pipes were everything they were described as and more. From a guy who collects giant pipes these were a refreshing change. I have found a carver who brings the pipe to life. And designs them to fit your hand and sparkle your eyes with their grain. Thanks -Richard Durham


Got "The Pipe" last week. FANTASTIC WORK and FANTASTIC WOOD. Really a wonderful piece.... the pipe is truly magnificent in every way and I'm very honored to call it my own. Deepest thanks!


The pipe arrived in good order. I have finished 3 bowls and can attest to the fact that this one requires no break in. Keep the template on this one. Form and function all come together beautifully and this one has it all. The grain is really beautiful and I see what you meant about the number of pits, however, that is something no one has control over; and this pipe regardless is an absolute beauty. The sip/stream draw is effortless, I think you have hit on just the right internal engineering.

1/25/05  FH93

Hi Tim...

More "input" on the darker pipe you sent. Remember, these are just artistic/design observations that may/may not be significant or helpful. And remember this is coming from a non-expert piper! I am happy with the pipe. Smoked a bowl of Arcadia on the way to work this morning (about 40 minute ride) and finished it in about 10 minutes on the way home this evening. It smoked very well and was delicious.

* Though Arcadia is famous for its' great bowl behavior and easy management - this pipe seems to assist in a very tidy and even burn down through the bowl - with a very minimal amount of tamping and tamping pressure needed. Am wondering if the shape of the chamber is, by design or accident, adding a real + to this aspect.

* Arcadia isn't really prone to overheating but this pipe has (for two bowls) smoked very delightfully cool and dry.

* After two bowls, the beginning of the caking looks positively splendid - very even all the way round the chamber and nearly level in the chamber.

* The bit has a pretty sharp edge on the bowl-side, all the way round. Am mentioning it because it is notably sharper than any I can remember. Don't know if this is a problem or not. It's just something that made itself noted. * The stem, probably because I had you change the arc, has a wee, slow ripple in it (as seen from the side). It's a visual thing, and is not asymetrical, and does not appear to impair the performance in any way. A pipe cleaner slips all the way down through this pipe as slick as glass and I know that is a "test" many pipers like to use. * I mentioned it is larger than expected but, in using it and thinking about that - it is a nice "large" - in the sense that it is about the size of the common "Freehands" yet it isn't the same bulkiness and weight - sort of a more user-friendly Freehand. I like it!! * For its' visual and handling size - it is noticeably lightweight. Not a "featherweight" but clearly lightweight - a pleasant and good surprise!

12/20/04 A1 FH22

Tim, the last two pipes are excellent - pipesters do not know what they are missing. The number 2 is very, very nice and the number 1 is spectacular. I still think the pipesters need a way to get some of these pipes in their hands to fully appreciate your craft.

12/9/04 FH10 Tim Pipe got here today just fine. WOW! It is very very nice!
11/26/04 FH78 & FH79
I have wonderfull news, I received the pipes, in perfect condition... WOW, are they ever SWEET! They are both much larger than I imagined, and the larger one, does it ever feel great in the hand! I have seen $400 pipes in my local pipe shop, that cannot in any way compare to these!
Thanks again! (they are beauty!!)
11/28/04  ST44

Tim, I have to tell you that I today received the bent egg that I won on Ebay and I do not know why but I was floored with the pipe. This is really a beautiful pipe. Not that I had any reason to not expect that this would be yet another great "Tim Fuller" creation, but the pipe is beautiful. I feel bad that this pipe did not do better on Ebay, those fools! I did get a chance to read through the new section on your website on the testimonials and I think this is a great move on your part. The recurring thread throughout these replies are that the buyer was surprised of the quality and workmanship of the pipes when they actually got them in their hands. In any event the bent egg is one great pipe!!!!

Tim - got it! A beauty, color is WAY nice! Thanks, will check site... Happy T-day
Hey Tim - the pipe arrived safe and sound on Saturday. A beautiful piece - as is the rest and tamper. Already had its break-in smoke - smoked like a dream.
It just arrived. great looking pipe, next up in the rotation when I finish the bowl in the s&r that I started just before the mail delivery. smoking a quarter of a bowl a day makes for a slow rotation thru the 'office' pipes. only go thru a half bowl a day each in the 'at home' rotation and the 'carry in my backpack to smoke in the corner tavern' rotation. (helpful hint: a #9 cork stopper fits average sized pipe bowls).
The pipe arrived today and I am very happy with it. It looks beautiful and feels great. Despite the weight and size, it is very comfortable to hold and the way the stem "hooks" even allows me to clench it some if I need to. The first bowl was G&H Broken Scotch Cake, and it smoked well.
This is now the premier pipe in my collection. The hard part is going to be deciding on what tobacco(s) to dedicate to this pipe. :)
Received the pipes last night in the mail. WOW!! Both pipes are gorgeous!! The applewood pipe is huge and unique, just the way I like my pipes. Very neat "Bulls-eye" grain on both side of the bowl. The stain is really neat and unusual. I'm going to buff it up with Carnauba wax, make it shine!! Of course I had to fire it up almost immediately. For the first bowl full, smoked great all the way to the bottom. Can only imagine it getting better as it gets broken in!! Thanks for the great pipes!!
Hi Tim,
The pipes, stand, and tampers arrived yesterday. Thank you for the quick shipment...
Both pipes are outstandingly attractive. The black palm is definitely a looker! I pulled out one of my new pewter stands and have the black palm pipe on the mantle too.
Hi Tim:
Today has been the "day from hell" but I did want to let you know I received the Black Palm Pipes and all I can say is . . . . .

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
Talk with you soon,
The freehand arrived today! And if anything it looks far, far better than its beautiful image that you had on your site. I just cannot get over how elegant it looks! The gentle curve of shank and stem is matched by the parallel curve along the bowl top, as seen from profile. All the other angles are also appealing. I'm going to have a good time photographing it--I want to photograph it outside, since I think I've much better luck with natural light. It'll also be my first pipe photos with the Pentax, so I'm interested to see how the images resolve in terms of grain shown.
Thank you! Of course, I have to think of a name for it now. Nothing immediately comes to mind, but I'm sure something will. I just have to look at it long enough. I may go along with a musical name, since its fluidity reminds me of music, such as Adagio, since it has a slow grace. Yes, Adagio will be its working name for now.
Thanks again for Adagio! Chet Gottfried
9/22/04 Tim; I'm writing to let you know that the pipes arrived yesterday. The "New Yorker," which is the name I have given to big apple, was not only a very attractive pipe, but smoked surpassingly well, on the first smoke! I'm not one to go through any strenuous activity breaking in a pipe, so it was straight to the first bowl. Smoking an aromatic of straight black cavendish, and at no time, did I lose my light, nor did I get an overly wet, or biting smoke. Needless to say I am very pleased with the New Yorker. Now on to "Ol' Cockeye," which is the name I have affectionately given to pipe you somehow misplaced in your bargain bin. This pipe is GORGEOUS!!! The striking birdseye pattern on both sides of the bowl, and the ridge of straight grain from the rim of the bowl down front and back clear up the shank... Why a bargain bin pipe? This one, being a briar, I felt must be ripened for smoke. I used a little Glen Morangie, mixed 30% to pure honey, from a friend of mine ( I swabbed the bowl generously, making sure not to block the draw, and let it sit for about an hour before loading the pipe with House of Windsor's Field & Stream, a cool dry smoking tobacco. Lost my light a time or two, something not unusual for a first few smokes in a new briar, but the pipe is now my traveling companion! The size, shape, comfort, and beautiful pattern has earned "Ol' Cockeye" my best friend position!
Douglas M. Walker
Laird of GlenCairn
Dear Tim,
Returned to LA yesterday afternoon and just had a chance to open your package a few minutes ago. What a fabulous pipe. You were right (of course), the grain (and stain) is (are) fantastic. Of the pieces of yours I have, this sits at the top of the heap (not that they're all sitting in a heap). Many thanks!
8/25/04 I was hoping to write you sooner and thank you for the quick shipment, the great deal and the even better pipes. They are beautiful. My wife is glad we went ahead and splurged. She likes how they look on the shelf as 'art.' Plus you seem to be a great i-net proprietor. As little as I've smoked, the 2 'bargain' ones have proven great smokers and feel really good in the hand (the natural colored diamond-shanked one is a great looking pipe). I am looking forward to breaking in to the freehands (FH7 and FH43) but I want to wait to find a special baccy for them. Any suggestions in a Balkan or English? I notice you're getting rather prolific. Incredible work, too. Well I hope all is well and business booms. Thanks again,
HI TIM, The kilkenny arrived this morning it's a belter, thanks for the tampers, I'll let you know when the other two arrive. All the best,
Hello Tim, Excuse me that it takes so long time to respond. I received the pipe quick. First look I thought that you did a good job, but on top of the bowl there were "dripping noses" from the finish. I thought that you good do better. But smoking the pipe a couple of times let me be able to wipe away the noses when the wood was warm. At the beginning the finish of the pipe seems to be a little red in color. But now the pipe has turned a fantastic gold-brown. But the best was that the pipe was a perfect smoker from the first bowl!! Boy, I smoked a lot of pipes the last twenty years, also highgrades like Dunhills, Ashtons or Castellos. But seldom I had a pipe breaking-in was so tasteful. So now I can say, Mr. Fuller (I like more to say Tim!) you did a really really very good job!! Nobody should pass the chance to try one of your very good pipes, so long as the prices are so low. Please have a look for me at a straight classical Lovat shape in Grade 1 or better (if possible) from your hands. I will buy it at once.
Thanks a lot from VPOYFGF, ("virtual President of your first German fanclub")
Rainer Duesmann
P.S.: You must put pics from you on your very good made homepage. It links the people better to you and your product. We customers like to see the maker behind sutch a personal product. Also you must put the response from your satisfied customers on the page in a feetback corner. This is also every time nice to see for everybody and will push your sales. I would be happy to see my comments on your page. Please stay in contact, Best regards Rainer
Good Morning Tim: Received the pipe in good order yesterday. I am very pleased with the outcome. I call this my Poker-Pot. The bore matched up perfectly; the draw for what some might feel is oversized bowl is in fact very smooth and refined. The finish looks really good Took it out for a test run , 2 bowls last night and one on the way to work this morning..very nice. This will be my rustic outdoor- sitting under a shade tree- pipe. Thanks again. I will look forward to working with you again...
6/16/04 Dear Tim, Returned to LA yesterday and your pipes were waiting for me. Absolutely stunning work! Nicer in person than in the photos. Feel very luck to be one of your early customers since I predict as your reputation spreads, your pieces will become much more difficult to acquire and afford. I wish you nothing but the best and hope you'll keep me on your list of people to inform when new pieces become available. I look forward to your future work.
Complelely pleased with my new pipe, it arrived at lunch time when my wife was home and she thought it was super. The stem extension shouts custom made. You have been most fair in grading, a few small sand marks on a pipe that I will keep and smoke regularly does not bother me in the least. I rubbed out some aged flake and fired her up already. My addiction to estate pipes clouds the taste of good tobacco in a new fresh piece of brier, what a pleasure.
Tim: It arrived today and it smokes like the damn wind. Not all my pipes are bored the same dimensions because I use different tobaccos uniquely to a particular pipe. This has really nice mixed grain with some birdseye. I loaded some Escudo in this puppy and just enjoyed. I'm on my second bowl now. You did a fine job. This is one sweet beautifully proportioned crafted briar......I really can't say enough. Thanks for my new addition to my regular rotation. I'll be checking in again.
Happy puffing.
Hello Tim, The freehand arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with it, it smokes great. Please send the other freehand as soon as you can, I'm looking forward to smoking that one was well. I will let you know when the churchwarden arrives. All the best for now,
3/11/04 Hi Tim: Received the pipe in good order yesterday. First just as a background, while I do not consider myself an expert I do collect and smoke the pipes I purchase..from Alberto Bonfiglioli to Jan Zeman pipes. You make a well engineered fine smoking pipe. Your bit is reminiscent of my Werner Mummert pipes. It is well balanced a draws very well. The draw hole is spot on. and the stem fits perfectly. The only criticism is the stain..... which is varied. The applied veneer over the stain is absolutely fine. Now let me add that the purchase price severely understates and in no way reflects what I believe is the value of your creation. Now having severly handicapped myself at a point when you have the time and inclination I would like to order another pipe, ( Lovat thick shank). Let me know when and I will give you some specs.
And by the way, thanks again
3/4/04 Hi Tim: I got the two new pipes and I was overwhelmed, the pipes are beautiful and thank you for the opportunity to purchase these. I have many friends in the pipe world and I will do my best to pass the word along. I think I will also sneak back into your bargain bin and relieve you of a couple more pipes.