09-2 Added: 2/1/09

  This Dublin is manzanita burl, with a briar spacer. This is a new species to me. The wood is gorgeous, with splendid color and grain. I hope it proves up as a pipe wood. (A test pipe is in the early stages of testing: so far, so good.)

This pipe has a 3/4" diameter chamber. The bowl is 1 7/8" tall, with 3/8" thick walls. Length is 5 3/4". The holder, out of the same burl as the pipe, is included.

I'll have some more pipes in this species. I have one freehand that'll go up the next time my webmaster works on the website. I started cutting up another burl this afternoon. I got one block out of it before hitting a rock. (manzanita burls, like briar, form in the ground.) As this ruined the bandsaw blade, and it was my spare, I having ruined its predecessor on the previous manzanita burl, the day's activity ground to a halt.
Grade: OW
Weight: 1 3/8 oz
Price: SOLD
Send an email if you have questions about this pipe.