06-48 Added: 11/25/06

This fat egg is made from apple. It has a 3/4" diameter tobacco chamber. The bowl is 2 1/2" tall, with 5/8" thick walls tapering to 3/16" at the rim. Length is 6 1/4". Spacer is briar. The dark lines are mineral stains, sucked up during the growth of the tree. Apple makes for a fine-smoking pipe. I've carved four or five (or six? I'm not much on recordkeeping). I like the grain and I like the color. (As with all my pipes inotherwoods, I used no stain) Apple is a gentle wood. The bowl of my own apple apple has grown slightly elongated with age, but it remains one of my favorite pipes. Included with the pipe are an apple match holder and pipe cleaner holder.
Grade: OW
Weight: 3 oz
Price: SOLD
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