05-37 Added: 4/30/05

  Carved from ebony and briar, this Lovat has a 3/4" diameter tobacco chamber, 1 1/8" deep. The bowl is 1 3/8" tall, with 3/8" thick walls. Length is 6 1/8". The smoke hole intersects the tobacco chamber off center. I finished the pipe anyway as I don't have a lot of ebony, and I thought perhaps some of the visitors to the website might be interested in seeing an ebony pipe. This is the third ebony pipe I've built. The first one cracked along the shank during the first smoke. The second one is holding up fine and smoking well. If you buy this, smoke it, and it cracks, I'll refund your money or give you credit towards another pipe.
Grade: OW
Weight: 2 oz
Price: SOLD
Send an email if you have questions about this pipe.